Making A Gandalf The Grey Style Wizards Hat

For this project I worked mostly from a tutorial so It seems rather unnecessary to recover the information. Instead I will just link to that tutorial and add some points that I encountered while making it. 

The first point I have is about the material. The hat will look and feel much better, be much more durable if you spend a bit more money and get actual wool felt rather than the cheaper acrylic. 

The next point is about the shape of the brim. I ended up with too much fabric around the outside of the brim resulting in a wavey edge rather than coming down in a clean ‘cone like’ shape. When you are cutting the section out of the ring that forms the brim I would suggest maybe cutting one of the sides at a slight angle so as to try and counter act this. 

Another factor causing floppiness in the brim was that I could not find any substantial interfacing (what the video calls fusing). I ended up using rather lightweight stuff and layering it up but that didn’t really cut it so I would definitely suggest looking for something that’s going to be a bit stiffer.

If you line the inside with a second layer of felt (which also means you don’t have to buy another load of material) that seems to be sufficient and renders stuffing the hat unnecessary. 

I also skipped adding the extra line of stitching around the brim as I didn’t like how it looked and just ran around the edge with an iron to press it together, which seems to have done the trick. I also used an iron to press into the seam between the brim and the cone to give it a bit more of a sharp division. 

That is pretty much it for this one. A final thing I will suggest to those that don’t have a sewing machine is that a Gandalf hat in miniature is a fun hand stitching project that is quite a lot easier than the full sized thing, which is what I did when I was at university and didn’t have access to the equipment or space for the larger things.


And yes, Tolkein fans, I know I got the colour wrong and it really ought to be blue.

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