Knitting Finger-less Gloves

This is my first knitting project so I was obviously following a tutorial so I will once again just redirect to that and give any alterations I made.

My gloves did not end up looking a great deal like the ones in the tutorial, a lot of this is due to having to change the pattern to fit my hands. I started by casting on 46 stitches which is a fair few more than in the tutorial. I also put in a few extra rows for the thumbs to fit my (so I have been told) wide thumbs but this still ended up being a little tight. I cut down the length of ribbing over the fingers a fair bit partly because I thought that would look better and partly because I was concerned I would run out of wool (I ran out of wool anyway so so much for that). The final change is the switch in the stockinette around the wrist from knit on the outside to purl on the outside, this was entirely a mistake but I ended up liking it.

What I actually ended up having most trouble with was the stitching, which ended up a bit of a hodgepodged mess that i’m sure will fall apart eventually.

   One point of interest is that none of the pictures are of me wearing both the gloves owing to the difficulty of taking a picture of both your hands.

1 thought on “Knitting Finger-less Gloves

  1. Hi Tim
    It is great to see all your projects.
    I just finished knitting a beanie based on your pattern. Looks neat.
    Keep up the tinkering.
    From another craft enthusiast

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